What is the Parents Assisting Parents Group

  • PAPs is a group open to all parents that focuses on the support and guidance from one parent to another. The group’s main goal is to provide one another with the tools, encouragement, support, and guidance to be successful in their parenting endeavors. PAPs assists each other with the specific skill-building techniques needed to assist with managing the everyday struggles that often come along with parenting. PAPs meet weekly to assist one another with sharing and identifying one’s own strengths, experiences, resources, and limitations regarding parenting and building on one another in order to become a more effective parent. Each group is facilitated by a trained clinician to provide education regarding mental and physical health diagnoses, effective communicate techniques, conflict resolution skills, behavior modification techniques, and so on. Nevertheless, PAPs is not a parenting class, but rather a place where parents are the leaders of the discussions and topics to be addressed. They are the teachers as well as the students. Each PAPs group is assigned a parent leader for the month to help bridge the gap between everyday experiences and clinical approaches. PAPs acknowledge what is most important to their parenting style. PAPs prides itself in being confidential, anonymous, and non-judgmental; with one goal in mind- to promote positive and loving parents.

When does PAPs meet?

Mechanicsville, First Thursday 7:00-8:00pm

Warsaw, First Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm