Empowering Youth for Positive Change’s Summer Program contains 10 workshops within it for youths. Here’s a little bit about each.

Communication – 

Communication is essential among youth. Our communication skills play an important part in our success and even happiness in life. In this workshop, youths will look at how much time is spent in communication with others, in the form of reading, writing, talking, and listening. youths will learn the importance of communication in relation to achieving goals. By the end of the workshop youths will understand that communication can truly be a great weakness, or one of your biggest strengths.

Relationships – 

Healthy relationships in your youth are essential to success. In this workshop, youth will learn how to maintain healthy relationships and how to identify relationships that may be affecting your mental health in a negative way.

Conflict Resolution – 

In this workshop, youth will identify conflicts in stories and further identify why the conflict was started, and what the characters want or need. This will enable youth to reflect on the components of the situation when conflict erupts, resulting in a peaceful solution. Youths will further identify the key steps to resolving a conflict.

Bullying – 

Bullying is not something to be taken lightly. In this workshop, both the bully-er and the victim of bullying are addressed. The bully-er is asked to find the deeper reason as to why they feel the need to bully. The victim is shown how to handle bullies in a calm but effective way, that results in a happy, bully free life. How to become an empowered bystander is also discussed, for those that are not currently experiencing any bullying, but want to help when these situations arise around them. Open discussion is encouraged during this workshop so that youths can learn how to be transparent and understand the underlying reasons behind both sides of the bullying.

Substance Abuse – 

Substance Abuse has become a big problem with youth, and it seems they are being exposed to it at a younger age each year. This workshop digs deep to understand the feelings connected to the use of the drug. Students will more completely realize and acknowledge the dependent relationship drugs can have on them. Alternative solutions to drug use are also presented during this workshop.

Self Awareness – 

This workshop dives deep into how youths see themselves, and how their peers see them as well. This workshop is all about positive affirmation and recognizing the importance of how you act, feel and treat others.

Anger Management – 

This workshops focuses on identifying feelings and emotions. Students will also be asked to identify the difference between negative emotions and negative behavior. The choice to act out will also be discussed. Students learn that anger can be let out in a positive and constructive way through activities, sports and other outlets. Students will differentiate between the feelings of anger and the behaviors of anger. These emotions are not bad, but the actions they cause can be. Students will also learn how to identify emotions in others through speech, body language, etc. so as to not provoke others.

Anxiety – 

Anxiety can truly consume a youths life. This workshop helps youth identify the issues that are associated with anxiety feelings. Effective ways to reduce anxiety will be shown. The effectiveness to each strategy will be rated and each student will compile a list of their most effective stress reducing tactics. Students will learn not to disqualify the positive, jump to conclusions and overgeneralize.

Self Esteem – 

Youth will identify their abilities, traits and accomplishments. Everyone is not just good at one thing, everyone is good at many things. This workshop will teach youths what all their positive qualities are, and how to work on your negative ones as well. Self Improvement is essential, and leads to overall higher self-esteem. Students will learn to banish negative thoughts, and to instead focus on improvements.

Teamwork – 

Teamwork! Students will encounter many fun teamwork activities in this workshop that will show the importance and efficiency of teamwork! Youths that dont usually like working in teams will walk out of this workshop loving teamwork and all the speedy accomplishments it comes with!