What is Intensive In-Home?

  • Intensive In-Home Service (IIHS) is a mental health service encompassing intensive individual and family counseling, life skills activities, crisis intervention, behavior management and case management. A thorough evaluation is completed and a tailored intensive service plan (ISP) addresses each child and his/her individual and family needs. EYPC provides close collaboration with other involved agencies and providers.

Admission Criteria

  • Children and adolescents who have Medicaid insurance.
  • Children and adolescents between the ages of 3 and 21.
  • Children and adolescents demonstrating a clinical necessity arising from a condition due to mental, substance abuse, behavioral, or emotional illness that results in significant functional impairments in major life activities and placing them at risk for removal from their home.
  • Is at-risk for out-of-home placement due to abuse, neglect, emotional difficulties, and/or behavioral difficulties (i.e., defiant behavior, criminal behavior, runaway, etc.); or returning from a residential, group home, foster care, or correctional placement and needs support to successfully transition back home; and/or have difficulty in establishing or maintaining normal interpersonal relationships to such a degree that they are at risk of hospitalization, homelessness, or isolation from social supports; and/or exhibit such inappropriate behavior that repeated interventions by the mental health, social services, or judicial system are necessary; and/or exhibiting difficulty in cognitive ability such that they are unable to recognize personal danger or recognize significantly inappropriate social behavior; and referred and/or at least one (1) adult guardian is willing and able to participate in services.

How are services funded?

  • Funding for EYPC services are available through Medicaid, Department of Juvenile Justice, grant funds, or Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) funding approval process.

 What population does IIH serve?

  • IIH targets children and adolescents who meet the above criteria and are at-risk for removal from the home due to behavioral, mental health or substance abuse problems. Additionally, children and adolescents who are transitioning home from an out-of-home placement such as foster care, detention, or residential programs may be appropriate for services.

How long do services last?

  • Each individual receiving IIH services is eligible for up to 26 weeks of services per year. Medicaid requires a minimum of 3 hours a week and EYPC averages 8 to 10 hours per week depending on the unique needs of the child.

I have a referral, how do I get started?

  • Call us at the office in your region to screen or inquire about specific criteria! After a short screening is completed, a therapist immediately contacts the family and schedules a comprehensive evaluation. If the child is found eligible for IIH, then services begin immediately. In cases where the child does not fit the criteria, appropriate referrals are made. The time period from a referral being made and services beginning is typically between 5 to 7 days after approval from Magellan.

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