All individuals deserve an opportunity to succeed in society, no matter what walk of life. Our clients can beat the pressures and difficulties they face with targeted guidance and support from EYPC and other community resources. Positive change is not only possible, but expected when clients and their families work to solve their difficulties together. EYPC leadership demonstrates constituency in the set of beliefs that promotes stability and provides a positive life-long change when one receives guidance and support through services.


What is IFI?

IFI stands for Intensive Family Intervention. IFI services are intended to improve family functioning by clinically stabilizing the living arrangement, promoting reunification or preventing the utilization of out of home therapeutic venues. Translation? Our services are here to prevent your child from being removed from your home either by DFCS, the court or DJJ. We don’t want your child taken out of your home any more than you do. If your child has already been removed, we want to help bring him or her back in a more stable, “Forever Family” setting. IFI services are used in crisis situations in order to diffuse the current behavioral health crisis being experienced and to both evaluate its nature and intervene to reduce the likelihood of recurring problems. IFI is set up to work, not just with your child, but with your family as well. We understand that ALL families have problems and our services are geared at helping you not only understand the problems that your child is experiencing but also how YOU can help meet your child’s needs. Chances are, if you are considering IFI, you have already explored other community mental health options and they either did not work, or your child required more intensive services.

Who qualifies for IFI?

Knowing if your child qualifies for EYPC is important. When considering EYPC services you should ask the following questions of yourself…

  • Does your child have a mental health diagnosis or a substance abuse problem?
  • Does your child have a Severe Emotional Disorder (SED)?
  • Has your child received mental health services from another agency? Were they effective?
  • Do you feel as though your coping skills are being severely taxed due to your child’s “issues”?
  • Is your child “unmanageable”?
  • Are government agencies such as DFCS or DJJ considering removing your child due to his or her behaviors?
  • Has your child been arrested due to his or her behaviors?
  • Does your child have a CAFAS score over 100?

Who doesn’t qualify for IFI?

Some children may have needs that are significant but do not qualify for EYPC. These children are…

  • Children with Autism / Auspergers
  • Children suffering from mental retardation
  • Children with Developmental Disorders
  • Children with Organic Mental Disorder’s
  • Children with Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Children with a CAFAS score under 100

What can you expect from IFI?

IFI is set up to work in a team mentality. Our teams are led by a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who has a team of three to four other providers who work as a cohesive unit to minimize the crisis that your family is going through at the time. After receiving your referral, the LPC will call you and schedule a time to come to your home. The LPC, team leader, will sit with you and listen to the needs that you and your child have. He or she will then complete a treatment plan that will be explained to you in detail on the second home visit. After visiting your home the team gathers together to discuss the needs of the family and the LPC then picks from the team one or two other Crisis Support Individuals (or CSI’s) who are specially trained to work with you and your child. It is understood that the needs that your family are going through are severe. Assuch, IFI teams work intensively with your family for a time limited period. We arerequired to see the family a minimum of three times a week. However, in the most severe of needs, we are authorized to work with your family as much as 12 hours a day. We are available to your family literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have a team member who can be to your home within two hours, regardless of time, day or night.

So how long do we work with your family?

As stated, we are a time-limited service. This means that though the services are intensive, we will not be in your home forever. When we receive authorization to work with you, it is initially for no more than 90 days. In the most severe of circumstances we might acquire authorization for another 90 days. However, the intent of this service is to minimize the problem being experienced in the home and then transition to another provider who can supply a less intensive service for you.

How is IFI funded?

Most EYPC services are funded through Medicaid. We work with children who have regular Medicaid such as foster care and SSI and we are currently working to attain partnership with Wellcare Healthplan Inc. We are also able to serve children who have no insurance whatsoever or children with insurance not covering mental health treatment.