Each EYPC counselor shall carry on or near his or her person a cell phone or pager at all times and shall ensure that service recipients are given the pager or cell phone number so that they may contact the counselor in the event of a potential crisis, actual crisis, or an emergency.

The EYPC Director shall maintain an “on-call” list designating, for each day of the year, the counselor who shall be responsible for crisis management if an assigned counselor is on leave or is otherwise unavailable.

The EYPC Director shall ensure that the “on-call” list is posted at the EYPC office and is distributed to all EYPC counselors.

Further, the EYPC Director shall ensure that the message on the EYPC office answering machine notifies callers of the name and number of the counselor who is on “on-call” duty.

EYPC counselors shall ensure that up-to-date “on-call” lists are distributed to all service recipients.

IF THERE IS A CRISIS WITH YOUR CHILD AFTER HOURS PLEASE CALL 844-260-3972 AND FOLLOW THE PROMPT TO CALL THE CRISIS ON CALL SUPERVISOR. Again, if this is a medical crisis where the client is trying to harm their self or harm someone else call 911. Then call EYPC and press the prompt for the on call Crisis Supervisor.