Empowering Youth for Positive Change believes that real learning comes from real world experiences. In our internship program, EYPC provides experiential learning opportunities that integrate the knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. We welcome and work with students of all ages from all walks of life. Providing internship programs allows EYPC the opportunity to evaluate and guide talent while students are given the opportunities to learn how to be human service professionals.


Intern positions include the following minimum qualifications:

  • Attending an accredited institution and enrolled in classes on campus or online
  • 4th-year undergraduate or 1st/2nd-year graduate student
  • Access to personal and reliable vehicular transportation and insurance
  • Must be able to complete all background checks and necessary paperwork, certifications, and training

*All interns must be willing to participate in direct service activities to be eligible.