Aristotle observed that while getting angry is easy, directing it appropriately is not. Our Choice Based Anger Control program aims to break this habit by increasing awareness of your response options. This approach, founded on the premise that anger is a choice, emphasizes the power of deliberate decision-making. By consistently choosing how to respond, you can transform habitual reactions into thoughtful actions. The essence of our program is empowering you to make quality choices that foster positive personal growth and transform your life through the power of choice.


Component 1: Assessment

Component 2: Understanding the Anger Habits

Component 3: My anger hot-spots

Component 4: Anger and Self-Talk

Component 5: Communication Styles

Component 6: Assessing Your Anger Style

Component 7: Where did I get my anger?

Component 8: Anger is a Choice

Component 9: Stress Management and Anger

Component 10: Learning to Take Care of Your Anger

Component 11: Invalidation and Validation

Component 12: Developing Emotional Intelligence