EYPC Mentoring Group is a nonprofit organization EYPC Mentoring Group is a team of mentoring experts who are strongly committed to assisting youth in the development of a positive future. This is 501C-3 charitable entity exclusively organized and operated to foster amateur growth, development and wellbeing of youth from all walks of life. We are creatively working with young people who are at-risk and helping them to realize and demonstrate positivity, self-worth, and success. EYPC Mentoring Group takes pride in reinforcing the appropriate and genuine care for the young people. We are striving to assure you that you are not alone in the period of trial and tabulations. We understand the importance of success for our youth.

EYPC Mentoring Group has three principal program goals:

  • Reduce juvenile delinquency and gang participation by at-risk youth.
  • Improve academic performance of at-risk youth.
  • Reduce the dropout rate for at-risk youth through the establishment of one-to-one mentoring.

Donation Purpose

This donation will be used for some of the children we service receive little support, so we want to ensure that they are adequately equipped and prepared to start the school year. EYPC Mentoring Group is planning to donate at least 500 backpacks and school supplies this upcoming school year to local communities in the Richmond, Northern Neck, and Newport News areas. We are seeking donations for our back to school collaborations in the community. This is one of many community outreach projects that EYPC Mentoring Group supports throughout the year.

Last Donation Date

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on August 18, 2018

Accomplished Donation

Please see below how the EYPC Mentoring Group has supported our community youth since 2014.

  • Four $1000 scholarships per year to students in the Northern Neck region
  • Annual Back to School Rally where we give away over 200 back packs with supplies
  • Sun in the Fun Day: a celebration of summer that’s full of food, fellowship, and fun
  • Maintaining connections with measures like sending birthday cards and holiday cards to all of our mentees
  • Thanksgiving Dinners and turkey to over 30 families each year
  • Provides clothing and utility assistance to needy families in our areas
  • Financial support for youth funerals
  • Active and effective support of Lancaster County Public Schools in suicide prevention
  • Purchased uniforms for AAU team in the Northern Neck
  • Partnered with the Boys and Girls Club and provided staff for the Summer JOY program, providing $1500 in sponsorships to assist with student attendance
  • FREE community events forums and student workshops
  • FREE 8-week substance abuse workshop to students in Northumberland County
  • Support of 2nd Chance Ministries with their event “Meet and Greet Picnic” in Northumberland by providing all the food
  • Supported and participated in the Father and Daughter Dance where we had our male mentors to show up to be a date to a child that may not have one.
  • FREE college tours and athletic tryouts for selected teens
  • Storm relief to families in  need
  • Donating school technological supplies such as laptops and other hardware
  • Providing former mentees with paid positions in the program
  • Financial support to families after eviction
  • EYPC Mentoring Group Scholarships for current college students
  • Sponsorship of the Empowerment Girls Camp in Northumberland
  • FREE Mommies Make Over Event for single mothers
  • Hosting an anti-bullying program throughout the year, partnering with various schools, churches, and daycares
  • FREE substance abuse program
  • The Annual PAPS Meeting (Parents Assisting Parents)
  • FREE anger management seminars


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Last Donation Date

All donation that We collected will be donated on

on August 18, 2018